My name is Jamil Sinno. I am a Full-Stack Software Developer specializing in the MERN stack. My career vision is to educate, and advocate for accessibility and representation in tech.

I was born in Kuwait to Lebanese parents before immigrating to Halifax in 2004. Growing up as an immigrant in Canada came with a lot of challenges and opportunities that leave me well placed to advocate for and represent those with similar experiences. With my background in Chemical and Industrial Engineering from Dalhousie University and a passion for writing code, I plan on bringing my expertise into the tech world. I believe there is a place for everyone in tech, and that technology can improve many people's lives, specifically marginalized groups.

When I'm not coding I'm usually gaming, lifting, cooking, reading, or posting about my experiences. I have two cats, Ed and Al. I post pictures of them frequently on my Twitter.

I am currently looking for full-time remote or hybrid opportunities. If the right opportunity presents itself, I am willing to relocate within Canada. You can find out more about me through my social media links. I look forward to our conversation!

Is your web presence working for you?

If someone is looking for the services you provide, will your website draw them in? Will the website adjust to the size of the user's device? Responsive and accessible websites are no longer bonus attributes - they are essential.

My goal is to provide responsive and accessible websites to small businesses and individuals around me. Whether you are looking for a new website, or updating an existing website for the mobile age, I can help. Providing a location where interested parties can learn about you is what I offer. How can I help you today?

My Services

1. Consultation

It starts with a conversation where we'll determine what your project is about.

2. Proposal

A detailed project proposal will be presented, followed by an action plan.

3. Creation

Clients receive regular status updates as I work on and test the project.

4. Launch

Your product comes to life with value added and peace of mind.


Unum Health Login Page

UNUM Health

Start up - Full Stack Application built with React, PHP, and PostgreSQL in Docker environment. Contract complete.

  • Healthcare - No Repo Available
Front page of No Game Left Behind

No Game Left Behind

Designed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, EJS, Node.js, Express, Passport.js, Tailwind CSS, Daisy UI, MongoDB

Front page picture of RAMP Atlantic Ltd.

R.A.M.P. Atlantic Ltd.

Designed in HTML, CSS & JS


Picture titled React: A JavaScript Library

React: A JavaScript Library

Technologies used: React.js

Tags: Education
Model View Controller slide deck front page

What Is The Model View Controller? Ft. Mongoose

Technologies covered: MVC, Mongoose

Tags: Education
Picture titled IENG 6912 Term project

Travelling App Industrial Engineering Master's Project

Technologies used: Python, Pyomo, Gurobi

Tags: Project, Optimization, Operations Research